Rick and Morty Notes

Notes and references about Rick and Morty. This is a third-party website, not affiliated with Rick and Morty. Website is part of Fin Wake Indra Net

I was a casual fan of Rock and Morty until February 2024 when I watched Season 6 and Season 7... and realized that it is a great foundation for media ecology education. May we ride the electric media waves of Finnegans Wake 1927 onward publication, comparative mythology, War and Peace in the Global Village metaphors.

"Our society today is not giving us adequate mythic instruction of this kind, and so young people are finding it difficult to get their act together. I have a theory that, if you can find out where a person is blocked, it should be possible to find a mythological counterpart for that particular threshold problem." - Joseph Campbell, 1986, at age 81, Power of Myth